"You can't manage what you don't measure"

                       Peter Druker

If you work in multi-sectoral sustainability and social impact programming,

P3 for Humanity will rigorously, and, accurately assess, measure, evaluate, and verify your data to: 

make your programs better,

impact greater,

and stories stronger.

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P3 for Humanity is a small, woman and minority-owned (SWaM) certified startup providing advisory and consulting services from a network of seasoned multi-disciplinary practitioners to organizations working in the areas of sustainable development, social impact, particularly in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), international development, humanitarian response, preparedness, and recovery. We work at the nexus of development programs and private sector engagement.

The SDGs originated within the international development sphere, and have been part of our DNA for decades. We support organizations that want to expand and increase the positive impact while mitigating the risks. With decades of experience, P3 for Humanity is uniquely qualified to offer program design through a co-creation and participatory framework, as well as rigorous, independent third-party monitoring, measuring, evaluation, and learning, of multi-sectoral programs. Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) is at the core of our work. We collect, review, and analyze data to measure performance, and demonstrate impact, so you can successfully define and achieve your objectives. 

At P3 we know that responsible market-based approaches and performance are not at odds with sustainable development, rather can be mutually beneficial if implemented properly. That can only be done with inclusive program design, technical expertise, and oversight. Our purpose is to work together, learn from each other, leverage collective knowledge, along with our assets to meet today's enormous challenges.

“If we are truly serious about measuring impact and meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, then we need to stop working in silos, speaking different languages, and reinventing the wheel. We need to bring together decades of experience and lessons learned from the international development sector, paired with corporate innovations, experience, and assets in all forms, as well as with local community needs at the center, and accurately measure indicators, and verify data, to achieve social impact goals in a responsible, sustainable, and accountable manner. "

according to Nadine Ritcheson, President, and CEO of P3 for Humanity.

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Where Millennials lead - the Market Follows

ESG Factors The Future of Investment?

"ESG factors, and the market built around measuring them, are clearly here to stay and you should expect to see further growth in this area in 2021, thanks to the growth of the millennial investor, and widespread concern about the environmental & social sustainability of businesses."
The FinTech Times, "Millennials, ESG & the Rise in Ethical Investing

Nathan Gore - MAY 8, 2021

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