Corporations-Impact Measurement and Management and beyond...

Has your company committed to engaging in sustainable global practices but have not been able to define the who, what, and where yet?   P3 for Humanity can:

Facilitate your enterprises' internal due diligence process of Impact Measurement and Management by identifying stakeholders, aligning priorities with SDGs, identifying roles and responsibilities within your corporation, designing programs, collecting documentation, sharing and reporting to investors, employees, boards, and the public on third-party monitoring data to provide you with accurate, reliable, and timely information in order to understand your activities progress against mutually agreed upon project targets so that the project team can make evidence-based decisions to improve the ongoing project.

Design, implement and report on utilization-focused independent evaluations. We will conduct independent evaluations that examine project effectiveness and impact, provide evidence-based lessons learned and actionable recommendations to improve project relevance to national development goals and intended beneficiaries, management and efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. 

We believe building MEL capacity building is an important component to foster sustainable development. We work with national and international NGOs, charities, and companies to enhance their MEL capacities. This fosters an institution’s learning culture, encourages evidence-based project management and project design building the knowledge and skills needed for project monitor, evaluation, and data utilization and learning.