Corporations - In the past, corporate donorship meant providing funds to implementing partners directly or through intermediary organizations for charitable programming. The focus was primarily in the areas of climate change, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, with an emphasis on a better corporate image. Over the past year, social equality and justice have been added to their priorities. But this does not accurately reflect the diversity of activities donors are now engaged in, both domestically and internationally. There is an evolution taking place in the sphere of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG). We can help you get ahead of it, to get accurate social impact measurements.

As consumers and investors, particularly millennials and Gen Z, become aware of the impacts made by companies working in communities, they are demanding more from companies to include accurate information and data, sustainability, environmental protection, more community ownership, and ultimately, corporate responsibility. While implementing partners do a great job in providing some of this information, donors want more. Governments are legislating for more regulation and reporting. More requires independent third-party, rigorous, and, verifiable data from practitioners who are experienced and can provide reliable data points, and are experienced working in low and mid-level economic countries.

What all stakeholders now understand is that data and measurements are only as good and as strong as their program design. If everyone accepts that better program design is critical at the front-end, before any program activities begin, then the resulting data, analysis, impact, and stories of each program will ensue. P3 for Humanity provides expert neutral third-party monitoring, evaluation which can improve the programs when they start. P3 for Humanity will improve the chances for success of programs and achieving target goals.

In conjunction with our research, monitoring, evaluation, oversight, lessons learned and storytelling services, donors can rest assured that professionals are providing independent verification of their programs and keeping them well informed. P3 for Humanity will build a services package specifically for your companies unique needs. P3 can work at the local level to ensure that prospective partners are well suited and well regarded before entering into any agreements. Once underway, P3 for Humanity can provide third-party monitoring, evaluation, and oversight services of activities to ensure everything is on track. As a result, P3 will be providing all stakeholders a more granular understanding of their impact. P3 for Humanity can also provide or complement existing strategic communications strategies, using multimedia formats, working with the corporate donor, nonprofit and the intermediary organizations to create a cohesive narrative of objectives met and community engagement which can be used for corporate presentation, annual board meeting, attracting collaboration with other donors and partners, employee retention, job fairs, conferences, websites, to name only a few possibilities. P3 for Humanity can also assist these organizations coordinate conference services to bring all stakeholder stories to life. P3 for Humanity will offer donors the opportunity to go on-site visits to programs anywhere in the world with us to see programs for themselves and provide Public Relations events for senior leadership, as well as employee engagement opportunities.

Corporations must commit toward a social contract between their corporate values and the beneficiaries they serve. P3 for Humanity can help your company identify, navigate and incorporate responsible methodologies in the program design and their ethical implementation. Better programs lead to greater social impact which then tells stronger stories. Let P3 for Humanity bring our years of expertise in this industry to help improve your programs when they are being written rather than after they are underway. Your impact will only be as good as the design of your program.