Disaster Needs Assessment and Assistance -As the world grapples with the effects of COVID-19, P3 for Humanity is well-positioned to go to your site and assess your programs to determine gains, losses, and lessons learned.  We can help you get back on track or provide recommendations. P3 for Humanity can provide teams of experienced practitioners to go to the field and assess and verify needs and follow-on assistance.  Do you need experts to help you determine a viable project in the aftermath of an emergency? In the chaos that ensues after disasters, many organizations try to do too much and overextend themselves or are premature with their proposals.  Let P3's experienced experts inform your efforts. 

Damage Needs Assessments of Locations and Facilities - P3 for Humanity can provide structural assessments of your corporate or programs facilities, programs, and assets to determine feasible resumption of activities, or provide informed alternatives and recommendations for Senior Leaders and decision-makers in your organization to determine next steps.