Disaster Preparedness and Planning -When organizations think about their most important assets, the good ones immediately think about their employees.  P3 for Humanity can help organizations plan, prepare for and respond in the event of emergency situations. By helping the communities in which their employees live and work, plan, prepare and respond, they are investing in a resilient strategy giving the community and employees a better chance of bouncing back.  As a result of taking care of your employees and their communities, they will in turn take care of your company.

Preparing for potential disasters, natural or man-made, pays for itself when an emergency strikes.  Thinking about scenarios and possible threats in advance can make the difference between life and death or total loss.  P3 for Humanity can help mitigate potential threats and set plans in place to deal with a situation if something happens. 

Our experience building in-house emergency response capabilities, managing task forces, and leading responses, can help organizations strengthen their internal structures and be prepared.  Analyzing risks, conducting thorough research, and then providing informed recommendations help mitigate greater loss.