Intermediary Organizations- What do we mean by Intermediary Organizations?  These are organizations that focus on workplace giving, pro bono work, volunteerism, and connecting private sector companies to charitable nonprofit organizations through their CSR and ESG units. These organizations understand the power and importance of telling impactful stories made by their social impact programming.  For the most part, however, Intermediary Organizations do not engage in the program design phase, implementation, or verification of project results.  

As the conversation begins to emphasize more Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), intermediary organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and value of quantifiable and, verifiable outcomes to better showcase those programmatic stories and reporting requirements.  Their ability to provide clients and their employees, unique opportunities to contribute while at the same time extrapolating more insightful data points, allows them to bring more detailed impacts of their contributions to light.

P3 for Humanity can help intermediary organizations work with both donor clients and nonprofits organizations to strengthen the quality and impact of their proposed projects before they begin to implement them. P3 can work at the local level to ensure that prospective partners are well suited and well regarded before entering into any agreements.  Once underway, P3 for Humanity can provide third-party monitoring, evaluation, and oversight services of activities to ensure everything is on track.  As a result, P3 will be providing all stakeholders a more granular understanding of their impacts

P3 for Humanity can also provide or complement existing strategic communications strategies, using multimedia formats, working with the corporate donor, nonprofit and the intermediary organizations to create a cohesive narrative of objectives met and community engagement which can be used for corporate presentation, annual board meeting, attracting collaboration with other donors and partners, employee retention, job fairs, conferences, websites, to name only a few possibilities.  P3 for Humanity can also assist these organizations coordinate conference services to bring all stakeholder stories to life. 

P3 for Humanity will offer donors the opportunity to go on-site visits to programs anywhere in the world with us to see programs for themselves and provide Public Relations events for senior leadership, as well as employee engagement opportunities. 

Intermediary organizations also encompass foundations, international organizations, and private individuals because often these entities are both donor and recipient, as well as implementer of programmatic activities.  When that happens, it is critical that an independent third party provides RMEL to provide a neutral perspective of activities.