Lessons Learned -  Every program should have on-going lessons learned activities to capture what was done right and what can be improved.  Rather than fearing findings of missteps, long after the fact, it is always better to acknowledge them, modify and pivot as needed.  Lessons Larned must be on-going and in parallel to activities to capture staff feedback and learn how to improve in the future.

P3 for Humanity has conducted Lessons Learned for the UN System, Department of Defense, USAID, American Red Cross, and numerous other organizations.  Let P3 help your organization become a learning organization, improve the way you engage in sustainable programming. 

Research-As with many of our services, Research is a cross-cutting service.  This means that in most cases, research can and will, be part of each of the services we provide in order to best inform outcomes.  

Whether it is for monitoring, evaluation, learning, risk analysis, preparedness, planning, or response, research provides the critical information to make decisions that will influence positive results. Without proper research, on partners, locations, programs, sectors, needs, just to name a few, you are not giving your organization the tools it needs to engage in a responsible, sustainable, or informed manner.

Let P3 for Humanity help your decisions making process with accurate and in-depth research.