Linking Private Sector Donors with Vetted Intermediary Organizations, and Nonprofits - If you are new to the world of corporate giving or funding charitable programs and don’t know where to start, P3 for Humanity can help your organization identify areas of interest with your senior leadership and employees that align with your corporate philosophy.  

P3 for Humanity can help you identify vetted nonprofits who work in the communities you want to support and provide the services you have deemed worth funding.  In collaboration with expert Intermediary Organization partners,  P3 for Humanity will help guide you and bring your company safely and confidently into the world of Philanthropic programming.  Let P3 for Humanity help you get started and make your company a better citizen through Public-private partnerships!

What's in it for your company?  

  • P3 will do the research for you, and present you with viable options for partnerships based on your company’s and employee's inputs and interests;

    • P3 will conduct an internal survey to determine the interests of your senior leadership and employees then identify which non-profits align with corporate and employee values; 

    • Working with our partners, P3 can engage your employees in volunteer opportunities and/or pro-bono work in the area of your company's expertise (i.e. database design for non-profit) matching sustainable programs that appeal to them;
  • Provide peace of mind that the money you have given has been responsibly and appropriately allocated towards programs by a consensus of industry and technical experts so as to make the greatest impact for those in need; 
  • Conduct continuous monitoring and evaluation of programs and report back to your company on progress or issues; 
  • Help determine the duration of contribution, as well as allotments; 

  • Ensure that budgets are appropriate and on track; 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility enhances your company's public image and encourages others to do the same; 

  • Quarterly reporting, sight visits, and pictures of programs funded by your organization will allow you to monitor progress, which can in turn be included in your annual report;

  • P3 for Humanity can work with stakeholders to arrange for site visits to the field for the CEO/Resident or designee to visit the programs in person to meet the NGO’s and beneficiaries; 

  • Arrange for digital and hard copy communications products to be made available for use by your company; 

  • Demonstrating your company’s commitment to long-term issues will appeal to stakeholders and investors and perhaps even attract potential investors; 

  • Avoid the constant requests for donations by simply referring all requests for donations to P3 for Humanity as your CSR unit; 

  • Avoid building an in-house capability when you can outsource to a responsible and experienced group of individuals with a wide range of technical expertise; 

  • Contributions will be tax-deductible because funds will go directly to non-profits. 



What's in it for your Nonprofit? 

  • P3 for Humanity will help you improve your proposals and program designs;

  • P3 for Humanity can provide third party monitoring and evaluation and capacity building for your organization;
  • P3 for Humanity can help build a new donor base;  

  • Provide opportunities to submit proposals during rolling Request for Proposals cycle; 
  • Focus on providing assistance and developing programs and proposals; 

  • Confidence that highly professional, impartial, experienced, and respected technical practitioners will review proposals and programs;

  • Strengthen the co-creation process with all stakeholders;

  • Tap into innovative and targeted solutions with new private sector partners; 

  • All multi-media products bought by client donors will be useful to the nonprofit as well.