At P3 we understand that monitoring and evaluation are not just about crunching numbers, analyzing indicators, and getting results, that would be easy. Instead, proper monitoring and evaluation are about finding the right questions to ask, from the right people, and understanding the contextual nuances that only come from experience.

We know that numbers don’t tell the entire story. We have lived and worked in challenging situations and know that people in crisis are the most resourceful and resilient people. We work with real people to get real results, that works best for them.

According to the US Agency for International Development, European Union, United Nations, and private foundations such as the Gates Foundation MEL is an essential element to achieving development goals, ensuring accountability to beneficiaries and funders, and improving ongoing and future projects. P3 for Humanity can work with your company through the design, implementation, and utilization of MEL to provide you and your implementation partners with independent, relevant, reliable, and time-sensitive information that contributes to improved project design, implementation, and evidence-based modifications in both a humanitarian and development setting.