Hope for the Future

Jan 24, 2021  -  Events

I have been trying to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel with respect to the demise of COVID-19.  While some days show us challenges ahead, I remain optimistic that we will be able to harness this pandemic and move forward. 

One thing that keeps me full of hope is Gen Z.  They are more engaged and more astute than I remember ever being.  Perhaps social media has facilitated their activism, but I feel that Gen Z has prioritized their needs, interests, and demands like few generations before them.  

One example which I recently read about was in the latest Journal of Commerce and Industry, Beyond the Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities.  In their article titled: A Generational shift that will change Business Behaviors, they assert that even prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, younger generations place greater importance on environmental and social concerns than their predecessors do. For example, the Global Risks Report 2020 finds that in a comparison of concern for environmental and societal risks, young people attribute greater impact to these risks than business and societal leaders do."

In addition to the two main questions posed in this article of perceived impacts on the environment and society, it highlights that these children will soon be consumers, employees, and voters. Leaders who do not adjust their business approach to reflect the concerns of this up-and-coming generation, do so at their own (and company's) peril.

In fact, the numbers are already supporting these arguments, "Nearly half of Millennials have been vocal in supporting or criticizing their employer’s actions regarding a societal issue, and nearly 40% have accepted one job offer over another because that company was seen as more environmentally sustainable. Their younger successors in Gen Z are likely to have similar views." 

P3 Humanity is here to help companies better navigate these waters.  It is critical to understand that the value systems of the future generation do not mean that they will be at odds with their employers.  In fact, P3 for Humanity is positioned to identify those areas of intersection, satisfying the business needs and requirements as well as the societal needs of their employees and to achieve greater success. 

We look forward to helping your company come together to identify those concentric circles and build greater success.