New year, new opportunities!

Jan 12, 2021  -  Business

As a result of my desire to do more to help during the Pandemic, I brushed off a seventeen-year-old concept paper I had written with the idea of strengthening services between the private sector and the nonprofit community, to help those in need, both domestically and internationally. And thus, P3 for Humanity was born!

Over the last seventeen years, corporate engagement in development and sustainability activities has grown exponentially. For decades prior, these areas had primarily been considered the domain and the responsibility of governments. The growth of Corporate Social Responsibility solidified the important and now critical role of other actors to meet ever-increasing needs.

As nonprofits, governments, foundations, corporations, and other entities increasingly work in the same sphere, one thing must remain constant; people and their communities.  If this sphere continues to grow, then I believe the best contribution we can make is to abide by standards which the humanitarian and development fields have been establishing over the course of decades through a co-creation process with local leaders and communities.  These standards are not stagnant but must be adapted and improved together.  

This is not a one-and-done type of relationship. For that, your organization can make an online donation. Rather, this should be considered a social contract between all stakeholders in order to make a difference. At P3 for Humanity, we believe our contribution can best be made through providing stronger programs through improved design, monitoring, and evaluation, and learning from those experiences. 

I have benefitted from so much support during this six-month process - from the business community, the nonprofit community as well as intermediary organizations that do this work. I have found an incredible community of practitioners of CSR. They have been open, accessible, and very helpful. In particular, I would like to thank Steve Delfin, former CEO of America's Charities for listening and helping me fine-tune my services. Kimberly Young and Linsay Nichols, also from America's Charities for their generous conversations and insights.   America’s Charities has been doing great work in CSR for forty years, improving the lives of many.  To Lynne Filderman, my fellow native Washingtonian, for your insight having worn many hats in this business.  I look forward to collaborating. 

I would also like to thank Buzz Schmidt the original Founder of Guidestar (now, by Candid) for getting the ball rolling and being thoughtful about my idea before anyone else knew about it.  He also gets credit for the tag line we have adopted "Helping Charities become better Citizens" and to Guidestar's Deb Schmidt, my thanks. To Scott Jackson, President, and CEO of Global Impact, Chris Jarvis CSO of RW Institute, thank you for immediately "getting it" and understanding the importance of strengthening programs, data, and stories in order to make greater impacts. To my dear friend, boss, and mentor, Harold Brooks, former Senior V.P. at the American Red Cross International Services, thank you for helping me make these invaluable connections and always being my sounding board. 

A very special thanks to Jag Suite’s Sharon and Jim Couts, for helping me build this website.  The Jag team has been much more than a website architecture company, they have been incredibly supportive and made something that felt daunting a pleasure, and have become true friends. If you need a website, go to them!  To Bernard Ferret from George Mason Univerity's Small Business Development Center, merci beaucoup for skillfully guiding me through the incorporation process.  To my family, friends, and colleagues, especially Richard Columbia, who has been at my side during this process, thank you.

It may be a strange year to start a new business, but what better time to do something when there is more need than ever. I hope you will join us in getting this effort off the ground by contacting us so we can start building a better world through Public-Private Partnerships at P3!

I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness, and time to enjoy them in 2021!