Nonprofit organizations- Nonprofits provide impactful programs and accurate reporting services to their beneficiaries and donors.  They are committed and engage with the communities they serve.  That said, nonprofits are often stretched in terms of funds and personnel, often they do not have the skills to do the due diligence of expert monitoring, evaluation, and learning that is required. 

While P3 for Humanity does not write proposals for our clients, our technical experts are able to provide nonprofits with technical programmatic fine-tuning and independent third-party analysis.  P3 for Humanity can also conduct periodic MEL activities in the field to ensure the nonprofit is aligned with its program design and help modify or redirect when needed. 

P3 for Humanity understands that the environment in which nonprofits operate is dynamic and ever-changing.  When that occurs, it is important to have an independent assessment to better inform clients of situations on the ground which may impede progress or delay results.  If P3 for Humanity cannot help nonprofits meet their objectives, then providing nonprofits the opportunity to conduct lessons learned and improved training or capacity building will allow the organization to grow and improve for the next time. 

Our experts are well known and well respected in their perspective fields.  P3 for Humanity's experts are able to build organizational capacity in a variety of sectoral areas fortifying skills and confidence to strengthen your programs.