P3 for Humanity is always looking for opportunities to partner with other organizations working in the service areas we provide, as well as with companies interested in using their expertise to create impactful programs.  Contact us to see how we can work together. 


P3 for Humanity and Country Watchers are excited to announce our new partnership. Partnerships such as this strengthen our ability to provide clients with the tailored information needed to make #datadriven decisions about their international #socialimpact programs.
Our combined expertise is derived from decades of experience advancing leading practices in #internationaldevelopment and #humanitarianassistance. Together, we provide a unique perspective and unrivaled technical depth for business #sustainability efforts that respond to dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility (#CSR) and Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance (#ESG) landscapes.
This partnership will help organizations develop #strategy based on best practices from development and an up-to-date understanding of country context. Whether seeking to increase the impact of existing #environmental and #climatechange projects or start a new #healthcare program in a rural community, our clients will benefit from the collective value we bring to the table in better program assessment and design, rigorous third-party #monitoring, #evaluation, and #learning. 
For more information on how we can help your organization improve programmatic impacts, contact us at P3forhumanity.com or countrywatchers.com.