Proposal Reviews - Does your organization receive countless proposals and requests for funding, but you don’t know how to respond?  Or, is your company looking to partner with a vetted nonprofit to help potential beneficiaries, but you don’t know how to get started? P3 for Humanity can activate a “Request for Proposals-RFP" then filter them to select and review proposals that show promise for success.  

When it requires a myriad of technical experts to review proposal ideas and determine the best course of action, who in your company reviews those proposals? Have they been practitioners in this field? What are the criteria you use to determine whether or not to fund a program? Are you familiar with the local partners implementing the project, do they have a good reputation? How much money in overhead, salary, and benefits do you spend on this? Do you monitor and evaluate the program once the money has been given? Is this something your company really wants to do? Let P3 for Humanity help you do this work and report our assessments to you.