Experience and Expertise 

P3 for Humanity is a community of respected, seasoned, hands-on practitioners who have years of technical experience serving communities all over the globe!

We have experts in many sectors 

Our experts have been donors as well as grant recipients, so they understand what makes for a collaborative, inclusive, well-run, and successful program.   P3 offers an in-depth understanding of the private sector, nonprofits, and development community.    P3 for Humanity has technical expertise in a multitude of sectoral areas, both domestic and international, in urban and rural environments, through a roster of qualified consultants. We have a network of individuals available to us from academia, think tanks, and International Organizations as well.

Our teams experience is both deep and wide covering 127 countries around the world.  We have supported numerous efforts through programs, operations, as well as through our strategic and technical expertise.  As a result, we have supported hundreds of international and local NGOs in these countries.  

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Realized Worth Institute presents, The Listen Up! Show, The Pros Talk Measurement: Finding the Real 'S' in Social Impact.

Our guests, Nadine Ritcheson and Dr. Richard Columbia from P3 for Humanity discussed how the corporate world can learn from the international development world to improve impact in a new era of CSR and ESG.

July 14, 2021
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