As the fog of COVID-19 begins to lift around the world, P3 for Humanity is strategically positioned to conduct real-time assessments to evaluate the state of your sustainable and social impact programs to better determine gains, losses, lessons learned, immediate assistance required, and next steps.

P3 for Humanity works to strengthen domestic, international, rural, and urban purpose-driven development and social impact programming. Our experts can provide in-depth guidance on a wide variety of development sectors, humanitarian response and assistance, needs assessments, as well as preparedness and planning for your organization and programs

We understand the importance of accountability to achieving results and telling the story of impactful programming based on rigorous and verifiable data. We have led global development and humanitarian emergency response operations, as well as programs for governments, nonprofits, corporations, and International Organizations worth billions of dollars. We understand what it means to be both a donor as well as a recipient of funds. P3 for Humanity provides expert technical advice to the private sector, intermediary organizations, nonprofits, foundations, governments, and private individuals to help them better vet, design, monitor, evaluate and ensure impact-driven programmatic outcomes. P3 for Humanity interprets concrete data to craft an effective communications strategy to tell the unique story of each program.  

At P3 for Humanity we believe in the importance of working with and strengthening local capacity while continuously fine-tuning our own skills, applying globally accepted standards (SDG's and Sphere), working closely and ethically with local partners to ensure the co-creation process remains focused on their needs assessments.  We provide training and capacity building for all stakeholders in the process.  Most importantly, P3 for Humanity understands that the most important stakeholders are the people, and communities we partner with.

Public-Private Partnerships should commit to forging new paths, creating a shift in culture that demands sustainable, collaborative, and inclusive program design and verification, while forming social compacts with the people and communities they serve.  P3 for Humanity is deeply committed to creating environments where impacts are measured by improving the lives of others, together.